10 DIY Halloween Decorations

In honor of Halloween here are 10 great DIY Halloween Decoration ideas. Just click the header for the full DIY instructions.

  1. Glow In The Dark Eyes – Take some toilet paper rolls, cut eyes out and fill them with glow sticks! eyes
  2. Bats – how freaking cool! bats
  3. Bloody Hand Prints – great for windows and mirrors!bloodyhands
  4. Ghosts on a String – Make glow in the dark ghosts by taking string lights and adding cloth! ghosts
  5. Floating Ghost – Keeping on the Ghost theme, make this your center piece or a super cool entry way decoration!FloatingGhost
  6. Mummy Wrapped Door – All your trick-or-treaters will love coming to your house for Halloween! mummy
  7. Mummy Jars – You have a Mummy Wrapped door – why not do Mummy Jars too? Mummy-Jars
  8. Shadow PEOPLE.. I’m sorry I’m not walking up to this house! Want super creepy shadow people in your windows? Well – it’s possible! Haunted-House-Silhouettes
  9. Hallway Masked Lights – add eerie lighting to your party by adding masks to your lights. masks
  10. Bloody CandlesShe Knows knows how to create super creepy candles – and its SUPER easy. Just take a red candle and drip the wax onto the white candle. blood-candle-main


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