10 DIY Thrift Store Makeovers

It has been a while since I’ve done a thrift store makeover post, and wanted to share some new DIY projects you can still do even if you’re still recovering from the holidays.

  1. Dining Room table – it’s really hard to find the perfect dining room table especially one that doesn’t cost too much. Refresh your eating haven with a table from a thrift store. House to Home has a great tutorial for you! thrift2
  2. Luggage into furniture. I know this sounds crazy, but vintage looking furniture can really make a killer coffee table! I Heart Shabby Chic has a whole list of luggage decorations that are killer!DIY-Shabby-Chic-Furniture-Ideas-Vintage-Suitcase-Nightstand1
  3. Chairs – you can get really fun upcycling thrift store chairs with paint or fabric or both! photo originally from Cheeky Kitchenthrift10
  4. Dressers – Martha Stewart has an online guide of Decoupage. Find an old dresser and give it new life! ft_sept04msl10_vert
  5. This entertainment center turned laundry center is a brilliant idea from Better Homes and Gardens.Thrift-Store-Makeover-laundry
  6. Blanket or Towel ladders are top on my list of obsessions. You don’t really need to DIY anything with this, but maybe wipe it down & you’ll be good to go! ladder-Thrift-Store
  7. An Old Tub turned into an awesome coffee table planter combo from Garage Sale Gal.  tub
  8. Centerpieces – you can find my list of DIY centerpieces here. Or you can be inspired by this vintage milk carton you see here & make your own from whatever cool things you find!milk carton
  9. A wine rack made out of a vintage hose reel. I think this gets close to brilliant from Junk Market Stylehosereel
  10.  Mail Organizer from Blooming Homestead– When I first moved into my house I looked all over the place for just the right thing to hang in the entry way. DIY is a good way to get exactly what you want! DIY-Mail-Organizer-by-Blooming-Homestead


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