Air Plant Maintenance

I love air plants – they’re supposed to be easier to maintain, they don’t need soil to survive, and you can do some cool design things with them bringing green into almost any part of your home. I typically buy air plants that when they bloom they have beautiful flowers. As of late, I’ve been having a hard time keeping my plants alive, apparently a common theme with novice air plant owners. I originally had them hanging off a hand towel rack in my kitchen while they awaited my clever decision of what to do with them. However, I felt bad that my roommate had to stare at these green plants with┬ávery little purpose, so until I knew what I’d do with them I moved them into the bathroom in my room.

The issue was they no longer had natural light to help them grow. I watered them constantly, but they started dying quickly. Typically you’re supposed to rinse or spray the plants every other day and soak them in water with some special air plant fertilizer for 20-40 minutes every 5 days or so. IMG_1573 copyI lost two out of the four before I finally decided I’d try to do something with them.

I had made a driftwood holder for three plants for my dad, but I wanted something a bit more “unique.” So I went and bought a few small sea-shells and put them in the opening, and they are now proudly displayed in my kitchen on the window-sill. In order for you guys not to make the same mistakes as me with caring for them, here’s a quick video on my routine with them.



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