Beautiful DIY Centerpieces

For christmas, my parents got me a lot of different kitchen items including new placemats. This normally wouldn’t seem like a big deal, but now I need a new centerpiece. My old one just feels off now. Here are a few cool DIY centerpieces I found as I explored what I wanted to do to replace mine.

  1. This colorful “summer” centerpiece from Polished Habitat
  2. These “Floral Pop” vases from Real Simple. 
  3. Wood Slab under vases – pretty self explanatory & you can purchase wood slabs from places like Michaels, Amazon and on here.
  4. These INSANE gourds… These are definitely more of a fall thing, but come on these are amazing! Thanks Midwest Living
  5. Mason Jars on books… I mean talk about a brilliant & super simple idea.  books
  6. Go Vintage with this – and you can find doilies at any thrift store! Here’s the tutorial from Country Living. Doily Vase


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