Building My Vegetable Garden

So as you’ve probably seen in some of my photos or posts, I am very excited about my garden & is a big part of what makes my house feel like a home. So, I wanted to take some time to show you guys how I built my vegetable garden.

IMG_6111When I designed my back yard, I already knew I wanted a garden box of some sort. I wasn’t sure exactly how I wanted to make it – wood, brick, pots, etc. I settled on red wood on the advice of my dad. It was going to be easier and cheaper than stacking a bunch of bricks along the 12 feet stretch, although we both thought that would look really good as well.IMG_6091 We went to Home Depot & picked out three 2in x 6in x 12ft  long pieces of red wood strips. I thought it would be prettier if it was tiered, and it would allow me to separate herbs and vegetables. Once we got the three trips, we took them back and started cutting.

We measured a 16 in deep planter, so I started by cutting off the 6 pieces of 16 inches we’d need for the sides. Then started cutting the long pieces. We started with the longest at 12 ft, then middle was 10 ft and the top was the shortest at 8 ft. In order to keep them all together, we used long tall black stakes to help keep up the three levels. We used elbow brackets to connect the long pieces with the 16 in edges. IMG_6119

Once one was up, we just started stacking. As you can see on the picture on the right – when we did the second level, we didn’t put extra sides – we figured the dirt would help divide and would allow the water to soak through the entire gardening box. After all three levels were completed, we laid down mesh to make sure weeds wouldn’t start growing up my garden. IMG_6070After that, we extended the sprinkler system pipe to make sure I could access it in the future. Take a look at how I put in my drip system. Once all that was done, we filled it with Garden Soil.

We did give Marlee her own “sand box” of dirt that allows her to dig all she wants without damaging my grass or my garden. I know it isn’t typical, but when you have a dog that digs, but is smart enough to know where she’s allowed to dig – it’s the only option from keeping me sane.

So once the garden was filled with dirt, we bought these small wired guards to tie into my back fence and add a bit of height so Marlee couldn’t get into the dirt. Then we planted the herbs and laid out the seeds. Since both peas and green beans grow up, we took the extra fence piece that I had lying around and put it in the center of the garden as prep for when we have to start training the beans to grow up. Now, I have a piece that makes my backyard feel like home.




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