14 Valentine’s Day DIY Projects

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and thought I’d share 14 DIY projects that work great to add some February 14th flair to your home. Love conquers all!

  1. DIY Heart Tree from Money Hip Mamas is super cute & cheap! 16499f7002866422827d83995c58ff0e
  2. These awesome and creative puzzle hearts from Freshly Found.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  3. This great button heart piece of art is a great decoration piece for any room!54ac06bc2dfd11d46b8296b19f7d8b54
  4. This beautiful handcrafted love sign featured on Better Home and Garden is a welcome addition to my home year round! Here’s a DIY version of the heart from Green Wedding Shoes.Handcrafted-Valentines-Day-Decor_thumb
  5.  The Dating Divas came up with this super cute two lovers in a tree DIY idea. 916f4725acd2aa0a5915414529bfa578
  6. You can’t go wrong with these stylish LOVE letters for your mantle from Lolly Jane. valentines-day-love-letters-mantel-decor-6-600x413
  7. This adorable heart and love design piece from Paper, Ribbon & Ink is perfect for your home!IMG_9394
  8. Love Letter blocks from Stories by Me. Blocks_LOVE1
  9. Adorable Valentine’s Day Heart Banner from Eighteen25.valentines-day-heart-banners-1024x683
  10. Valentine’s Day Gift Tags up your gift giving sophistication! ValentineGiftTagSet
  11. Valentine’s Glitter Mason Jar from Mason Jar Love. valentine-mason-jar-candle-2_thumb
  12. This heart garland is super simple & adorable! 9b5241126230cc3286d99425eac28cd0
  13. Cute decorative heart ties that are a super simple way to instantly add love to your gift. Adorable-Treat-Packaging
  14. Wake up to some confetti painted heart cups from Today’s Creative Life. Confetti-painted-Valentines-Day-Mugs


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