My Adventure in Spray Painting Furniture

My latest project was taking this old and ugly blanket rack (yes I’ve called it everything from “a wood bench thing” to “horse shoe thing” because I couldn’t figure out what it should be called) and turning into an accent for my guest room. I picked up the blanket rack from a garage sale to use to stage my quilts on at various farmers markets and craft fairs, but I thought it was ugly and very “old lady”. At first I thought I’d just paint it white, but then I was inspired to go with more of an accent color to the rest of my room. I also decided to try something new – spray paint. I’ve never done it before and I figured how hard can it be – it would probably be faster than painting right?? Well, I failed miserably on my own – it was everything you hate about spray painted furniture. However, I was determined to make it work – I would create something I’m proud to have in my house and after some help from my awesome friend at Lowes (yes she’s there every time I go and yes I go almost once a weekend), she gave me a few tricks and a few pieces of advice and I salvaged my project! Take a look and I hope you take my failure and learn from it on your next spray painting project! 

Oh and I should say, I did this out in my yard because I’m laying down artificial grass, so I didn’t care about it as much, but if you were to do this normally, lay down a tarp & make sure you’re no where near stuff you care about! The paint gets EVERYWHERE! 


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