New Years Resolutions


Hi Everyone!

This post is more about my new years resolutions and what I hope to get out of 2016. First, I’d like to thank you for supporting me through 2015. I really had been wanting to share my love for DIY projects, home & garden with everyone for so long & it finally happened as Unearth Home which is now Best of Nicole Marie.

My first resolution was to rebrand Unearth Home into Best of Nicole Marie. When I started I really focused on gardening as that was my main driving motivation to share all my garden projects, but as I grew and launched my twitter in September it became about all of my passions: quilting, home, diy, decor, real estate & gardening. Best of Nicole Marie can now really over see all of those aspects and continue to grow with me as I explore more and more opportunities and projects.

My second resolution is to cook more. I love cooking – which was not always the case (at one point I drained soup & wondered why there was no broth #oops). I find it hard to cook for 1 while working, having a personal life, taking care of the dog, doing this blog & keeping Nicole Marie Quilts up to date with new stock. Therefore in 2016, I’m going to try a bunch of new crock-pot recipes as well as continue to explore on my own & share those with you!

My third and last resolution is to try and save. I constantly have this goal – quit spending money.. well I just love finding unique projects or pieces & adding them to the house. Over the last year, I’ve done my whole house furniture including – my yard 3 times (you can watch all the videos on this blog); my downstairs “sun room” – which I added a murphy bed & painted the walls peach as well as added decor pieces to the room; my quilting room – first reorganizing, then painting, then decorating. It’s not stopped there & I doubt I’ll ever fully stop finding more things to do. However, these projects have taken most of my extra money & although I’m super happy with how it has all turned out, I’m ready to start saving towards the future. First step – my 2nd resolution.

I typically don’t set resolutions, but this year I think it is time to really hone in & focus on what I want to do to live a happy and fulfilling 2016. I hope everyone has a fantastic year & look forward to hearing your New Years resolutions!

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