Patio Instagram Inspiration

Have you ever just scrolled through your IG or Pinterest feed and have jealousy over every gorgeous patio set up you see? Well I personally like my yard and how I have it set up, but that doesn’t mean my feed doesn’t give me #PatioEnvy. That being said – I’m realistic.. I can’t afford a 3,000 sqft back yard with a gorgeous pool and a pizza oven.. so I thought I’d share some of my most recent realistic patio inspiration:

  • This pool / river thing that just makes you want to lay in it and never leave. Ok this is a bit less realistic.. but I mean come on.

  • These lights that were for @cfvh’s birthday.. I’d never take them down personally.

  • This quaint little spot from @belsmm

  • This fireplace for those nights that are a bit too cold.


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