Replacing My Grass with Pavers Part 2

After 3 days of lots of labor of love, my project is finished! I originally planned to just do the left (Part 1), but as I started in on the project I decided to do both sides. I also didn’t want to mimic exactly what I did on the left on the right; therefore, I went with a different strategy – more pavers, less rock. This way it matches, but rather than being identical adds a bit of dimension and variance to my yard. Take a look at how I did the right side below.

What you need to do it yourself:

  • Shovel
  • Soil to help with leveling and filling in large holes.
  • Weed Blocking Mesh¬†
  • Paver Sand to help stabilize the pavers and add additional leveling on top of the mesh.
  • Pavers and / or Rocks. I chose a Parisian Cobble Brick Faced Stepping Stone in a light beige to match a stone end-table I own and White Marble Chips¬†with a Pea Pebble base so I could use less white rocks.
  • Caps for your sprinklers (if you have them).


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