Planning A Bachelorette Party

This year, one of my oldest and closest friends is getting married and as her maid of honor it’s my duty to plan the Bachelorette Party. I’d love to do some of my own DIY projects and really just take everything and make it my own.. but with my work schedule I’ve barely had any time to think about it. I did get the main steps down & then turned to Pintrest & Etsy for help with the rest!

Step 1 – location. We searched the world for a location.. ok maybe not the world, but picking the right location did take some time & we landed on Tahoe.

Step 2 – accommodations. We started with air b&b and home away trying to find the right place on the lake that could sleep all us girls. We waited a few weeks before pulling the trigger and our options became limited – however, the silver lining is we found a REALLY nice place (not on the lake) that had enough room for all of us and was almost half the price of the lake-front properties. So we’re calling that a win.

Step 3 – party favors. Here’s where the shopping list goes nuts, but we found some great options on Etsy and inspiration on Pintrest.

  • T-Shirts.. of course we had to have the Bride & “I Do Crew” t-shirts. There’s of course other saying like Bride Tribe and what not, but my bride liked the “I Do Crew” best (and no not everything was ran by her somethings have to be a surprise).

  • Custom Cups – so you can do the custom plastic cups like these. Or you can go crazy like me and go for the flutes.

  • SUNNIES! If you’re planning a bachelorette party during the summer.. these are a MUST.

  • The Sash.. how can you forget the sash.. this was actually harder than expected. My bride is traditional yet with a flare & trying to match her personality with a traditional white satin sash was surprisingly hard.. but I found one.

  • Photo Props – who doesn’t want a bunch of photos that may or may not see the light of Instagram? With Props it adds a bit of fun to each photo.

  • Hair Ties – it may be a simple favor, but they’re so cute and this particular Etsy store does a great job with the puns and is CRAZY fast with shipping.

  • Tattoos – the removable kind of course. How else will you be able to identify everyone in the party once the booze googles go on?

  • Lastly, we’re doing hang over kits – we’re making our own, but here’s a few good options if you don’t want to go DIY.



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