About Me

Digital Marketer

Seven years as a professional digital marketer developing and executing the most efficient and effective 360 marketing campaigns. 

Social Strategist

Focusing on my expertise in consumer behavior, I think outside the box to optimize social channels and creative to engage audiences.

Puppy Lover

Over the last eight years, my passion and love for animals has driven me to be a foster parent in hope to save lives one fur-baby at a time. 

Clients & Partners

Over the last seven years, I've strategized and executed over 200 successful campaigns focusing in on media, social, and publicity. Including all types of campaigns from branding, direct response, and awareness. Above are just a few of the brands I've worked at or with over my career. I'm proud of the relationships I've developed with each and every client. 



I launched my own agency called Viking Social Agency. Take a look at some of our awesome work!

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