I cannot recommend Nicole more highly. She is one of those rare marketers who is both strategic and creative with impeccable management skills. She delivered an award-winning social campaign for me with a limited budget, all because of her strategic skills. I look forward to working with her as much as possible!
-J.J. Caruth, VP Content Strategy and Marketing, NBC Universal

I've had the pleasure of working with Nicole for the past 2 years and can honestly say I've enjoyed every second. She somehow manages to embody traits that are typically mutually exclusive. She's super detail-oriented yet incredibly creative. Deadline oriented but still laid back. A great team player AND a phenomenal leader. She's a rare combination that I would recommend without hesitation knowing that she would exceed even the most glowing of reviews. 

- Taryn Aronson, Social Media and Online Community Consultant

Nicole Woods is a high-performance team player who can oversee multiple projects and achieve maximum results. She is an ideal creative leader; she can quickly scope a project, address all potential issues, communicate needs both internally and externally, and with her diligence can ensure a successful launch. Nicole’s commitment and drive for creative excellence in her work makes her an indispensable asset to any project or organization. It is my pleasure to highly recommend Nicole Woods.

- Duane Fernandez, Director at VOKSEE

Nicole is an amazing team leader as she has the fore thought on tackling issues before they happen. An excellent strategist in that she will not end till she has bled each "stone" dry of any potential. An excellent mentor has she treats you as her equal and not your superior.

- Erik Gonzalez, Sr. Producer and Social Media Manager, Neoganda

I've had the privilege to work with Nicole on a handful of digital campaigns. Her attention to detail and easy going attitude are a few of her greatest strengths. She stays on top of her work and works very well within tight deadlines. She is definitely an asset to her employer and the teams she supports!

- Mike Bakos, Senior Sales Director

I worked with Nicole on several entertainment campaigns and she was a pleasure to work with right from the start. She is very organized and constantly on top of her game and because of that nothing fell through the cracks. In addition, she is a great communicator and instructions on what needed to get done were very clear and that really helped me and the internal teams I worked with get the job done efficiently. Her passion and dedication towards her job showed on all the conference calls we had together and she is no doubt a hard worker. Nicole always made her team at Amazon feel like an extension of her team and that was highly appreciated. It’s because of her excellent skills in terms of being a team-player that really made the relationship solid. Working with Nicole was a great experience and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

- Monesh Bulchandani, Learning Engagement Manager